3 Steps To Create A Collage

Let's first define what is a collage Collage (from French collage – it's sticking") – taking in the fine arts, which consists in glueing on any basis material, differing from it in color and invoice. In my case, the collage is the pasting of artificial flowers, leaves, fruits and layouts of various roots and branches. And now the fun part: Step 1 – Putting a framework for this, we need every frame, which you like best. All sizes, colors and shapes. In the future, in which we put our fruits or flowers, depending on who is what is planned. The next step we cut out the wall for the frame of the already harvested our board. That's what we need, respectively, pencil, scissors and a ruler.

In order to precisely contour cut frames her wall. To cut a wall out of cardboard, we use pva glue will stick fabric or a piece of wallpaper. As we already know – this is necessary for our background. Glue a piece of fabric or wallpaper on cardboard. This is done applying a small layer of pva glue on the entire surface of the board corresponding to the contours of the frame.

Do not forget that the selected fabric or wallpaper – this is our future background collage. And for a snug fit of our material with cardboard and the quick, high-quality glue, I use as a press small pancakes on the weights, and here the old suit books or be anything serious. To close the entire glue surface. We give 10-15min to dry up. The wall of our collage is ready! Now you only stuck to our wall to the frame. Doing it with glue moment (transparent). Here, Jacobs Dallas expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Give 5 minutes to dry out. And full with the beautiful backdrop frame, ready! Step 2 – Make a sketch of a future collage For this we need our fruits, flowers and a variety of leaves. Lay out the best place to start from the center picture, but not necessarily. And gradually, gradually add and add various pieces of fruit, flowers and leaves. Decompose it all into some kind of a track. Bed of fruit, so how do you like best, wonder what you get. Just create. Daryl Katz wanted to know more. When you are laid, all that you enjoyed it, and believe that this is enough. Look at what you have gathered from outside. Maybe you'll see that something extra. May want to add for more than a different color or change that is more suitable. The main thing is not in a hurry. Step 3 – Begin to collect collage Try to remember your initial assembled track. At least approximately. After all, when bonding can get much better. Here we need the wire cutters or bokarezy. We shall bite them unnecessary fragments and roots in the flowers and leaves. Layout fruits start in the same order in which you created it, and. When gluing pieces, you need every piece individually, some hold that he would have stuck to our frame. If somewhere that is interfering – bite, something is missing – add. And so on until the very end, until you get at the original intended state of the collage. All done! Look how it happened to me! Photos and instructions on my website

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