7 Principles For A Better Landing

The landing page is the showcase of our business, so we have to be very careful in and arrange it so that customers who see this showcase call entrance door. The basic elements when creating a landing page are: research, design, Probas and modifications. If you do not get a good research, the best design of a landing page is not going to save a campaign to lose. But it is never easy to balance these elements well and why I leave 7 of 27 principles more important for the improvement of a landing page. 1. Know the visitors/customers of your page knowing visitors to your page will better understand and you can create a page for a specific audience. Knowing their motivations, desires, fears and concerns will be able to create a page intended to convert these visitors into customers. 2. To deepen your understanding Jorge Perez is the source.

Appropriate language landing page has to be easy to read. As visitors are not part of our team or business could that not know the technical terms that we use so it is best not to use them on a landing page. Visitors must understand very easy what you are offering them or how we can help them. The page must be well-organized, easy to follow and well written. 3 Perfect if someone comes to your page is because you are interested in the message that you are transmitting. For this reason, the header of a landing page must be shocking (creatively), consistent with the overall vision of your page but must also scheme, determine the visitor to investigate the offer that has front. Visitors want to know that they have arrived in the right place and that the page that look has been created specifically for them.

4. Images ideal when you scan a web page, you first look at the photos. For this we have to choose very carefully the photos that we will put on our page as also the site that we are going to give.

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