Twine of acquisition of the writing My people friend Listening what I go to say disciplines soon It comes To clarifying To work to it with games more good to learn Acquisition of language the writing belongs to it Illiterate studied the writing it learns written Language a different world Therefore is important This disciplines to have Given for Ana Catherine comes to be Evaluation differentiated With it can have To invest in the education Of this cannot deny With this disciplines the new ability to awake and horizontes With it to unmask Exists some levels Of learning to work Daily pay is one of them cannot waste a new way For then alfabetizar Quality and amount We can differentiate the Optimum done correlation to interpret a new alfabetizado paradigm For to be the observed children We can identify the level that this and where will be able to arrive Promoting activity objective to reach it thus Modifying With activities of action to know To integrate them With a new vision To insert then all In the alfabetizao Acquisition of writing is not difficult Is not necessary that the professor Who works in the alfabetizao Being it supplier Of the escolarizao In the alfabetizao Of children or young Is necessary Alfabetizar attention letrando Therefore has transformation In the life of educating the principles of the writing I now goes to say Is intent my friend For then understanding grafofonica Relation Is essential can believe This can occur Of differentiated form Fits then to the professor To provide the crianada Alfabetizar with games For the good of moada It disciplines in the aid understanding the essential and to work the levels Of special form all the children Of form for equal

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