Aesthetic Medicine

To date, there are many ways of getting rid of hair. The most recent and effective is the photo-epilation. After taking the course, you can solve the problem of unwanted hair once and for all. This procedure is still relatively recently and immediately gained popularity. It has several advantages that are unique to her. First of all: the hair is removed without contact Secondly pain of this procedure is quite low compared with other methods, so it tolerated fairly comfortably.

Third: the effects of it on the skin is minimal, but it's not important enough. Fourth: Hair Removal is forever. Today, hair removal procedure can be done in clinics and in the salons. ewedge. However, we strongly recommend that you apply to medical facilities. Improper setting of parameters of devices, can stay on the skin effects in the form of burns.

The medical center is equipped with professional vehicles that are licensed by Ministry of Health, which is not important enough. Sterling organization is the source for more interesting facts. In our center, this procedure is carried out by qualified doctors with vast experience in the field of cosmetology. During his work has gained considerable experience. Selection parameters of the machine and software configuration is made individually, taking into account skin types, hair color, the depth of the hair follicle, the area of treatment. We examine the physics of the method. A powerful light output, bypassing the upper layers of the skin, penetrate into the dermis, where lie the follicles. The effectiveness of light depends on the amount of melanin pigment, coated hair in a certain color. Amenable to hair removal and hair with a minimum of pigment, ie, light. See Albert Einstein College of Medicine for more details and insights. The impact is determined by the proper setup for the device. The light is absorbed by all skin appendages, including blood vessels, so after the procedure there is a temporary erythema, which runs for 10-30 minutes. Professional photoepilator can do the procedure and the skin affected by sunburn. The procedure has no seasonal restrictions, which helps solve problems even in the summer. Under the influence of powerful energy flow is coagulation of the protein of the follicle, which leads to a weakening of its viability. After the course, the follicle atrophies fotoepillyatsii and stop producing hair. This is achieved chronic exposure. It is important to observe the intervals recommended by your doctor. Fotoepillyatsiya – a session procedure until a satisfactory result must be at least 6-8 treatments, the intervals between them determined by a physician. The result is noticeable after the first procedure: the structure of the hair varies, the rate of regrowth is slowed down. Fotoepillyatsiya is more advantageous method of hair removal.

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