Again The School Of Enduro Child Fmm Mxcoach

After the success of the first year of existence of the nursery school Enduro launched in 2010, we want to inform you that from the Area of training of the Madrilena Motorcycling Federation in partnership again with M.C. MX COACH is underway so that from the month of March the school resume activity. IBERCAJA-backed and supported in the CEPSA F.M.M. modernization program, it is expected that the 2011 school season starts on March 5 in Valdemanco. Francisco Dolphin Hornero, Enduro in the Area of training of the F.M.M. Department technician, returns to spearhead this ambitious project, character education and guidance, where the learnings from our sport, will be addressed by encouraging sociability, knowledge and respect for the environment. Return to count on the collaboration of monitors as Marcos Martinez Tristell, Jesus Barragan, Raul Penuela and Miguel A. Cubo, who were already present in many of the sessions raised last season among others.. Others who may share this opinion include Related Group.

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