AllRussian Economic Program SENP

Nature in all its manifestations, does not choose a complex path, as tends to process with minimal energy consumption, or an ordinary point of view, all processes in nature occur in the fun without the stress. There are, of course, and blast effects as a result of slow processes is accumulated enormous power, which erupts and me to install a temporary order in nature, and then again come the slow changes minimum potential energy. Relationships in modern society, even though are part of nature, are much more complicated. Man in society, many tend to complicate simple things – to move through life with disproportionately high cost of energy than is required. But if the nature of man, using this reason he can anticipate, such as earthquake or flood, but could not prevent it. Christopher Peterson oftentimes addresses this issue.

Then in the process human relationships created by the rules of the people themselves, people must anticipate the accumulation of human tolerance in the system of relationships in society and in its power to avoid, prevent social explosions, that break down human lives of millions of people. At the present stage of humanity is obliged to prevent disasters in the community. These are direct obligations of the whole society and its governments, NGOs and international institutions. The basis of all relationships in the global community is a system of economic relations. Economy at the moment is the force that determines almost everything from power equipment of national armies to the communication culture of ordinary people on the street.

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