Exactly thus, after these thinkers and after the discovery of certain insufficient principles producing the nature and the beings, the philosophers had set in search of another principle. Not they had accepted that good beautiful things had been generated for the fire, or the too much elements, and nor much less for perhaps. For Aristotle (2002, P. 21), ' ' when somebody said that in the nature, as in the animals, an intelligence exists that is cause and order, the only philosopher seemed this being sensato' '. Parmnides seemed to be the first one to search a cause of this type, put as principles the love and the desire, ' ' First deuses enters all the goddess produced amor' ' (ARISTOTLE, 2002, P. 21), as if it recognized that a cause must exist in the beings that moves and congregates the things.

Empdocles, understanding this logic said of friendship and discord. He seems that these had reached only two of the four causes that Aristotle defends, namely, the material cause and the cause of the movement. The Pythagoreans had more interest in the numbers of the prescription of the world of what the proper ingredients. They assumed, say Aristotle, who the elements of the numbers were the elements of all the things. They had generalized the notion of that the qualitative differences could be the consequncia of numerical differences. Its inquiry, in the words of Aristotle (2002. P. 27), ' ' it was an inquiry on the formal causes of universo' '.

Also they had been mentioned to the pairs of contrary, however, different of excessively, had said which were and how many they were. Arriving its immediate predecessors, Aristotle affirms that Plato, in its philosophical theory, combined the boardings of the schools of Tales and Pitgoras. But the Theory of the ideas of Plato, although to be the most including conceived scientific system until then, seemed the unsatisfactory Aristotle in some levels.

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