Austrian Cistercian Monastery

For the first time, a pop – CD space in the shops Religionspadagogischer finds centres of both denominations in Germany. MIC Schneider is musical – and column writer, author, producer and has clues encounter for his latest project “brought many international pop stars and faith representatives of religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam in his music Studio.” He has a second album from the clues “series released in 2006, he has created. Learn more about this with Harvey S. Rosen. Known are German pop musicians like Xavier Naidoo, Laith al-Deen, and Ayman with international stars like Rafet El Roman (Turkey) or Liel, the official peace Ambassador of Israel, come together and partially new, unreleased songs that helped to lead a cultural and cross-religion dialogue. For recipients of first communion and confirmation, a pop CD by musicians who express themselves in language understandable for them, is very close. With the monks of Austrian Cistercian Monastery, with its Gregorian chants Madonna on the charts have suspended and be revered like stars, has been already a more religiously inspired CD extremely successful. “With the Catholic sister Jordana Schmidt, from the word for the Sunday” known, cause hearing as well as other models. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ramon Campollo.

For the Islamic side, Talat Kamran from Turkey on the CD to Word has been reported. With his project, MIC cutter creates a symbiosis between pop music and religion. Listen to stimulate good thoughts and feel make good; because Church and religion always offer a special comfort in crisis situations. The music submission can be also a special life. The 2007 released debut album clues man “of the project series of clues was along with clues encounter” ( as pop CD by the official recommendation of the of Centre Bavaria and Heilsbronn and awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of additional teaching material for religious education and is now used by many shops Religious educational centers of the two denominations offered and recommended.

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