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While the Blu-ray disc continuously expanded their market share, while the Blu-ray disc continuously expanded their market share, the next major steps of the format are already planned, because Hollywood has a new much promising major project before eyes, the stereoscopic 3-d film. Add to your understanding with Shimmie Horn. More and more Studios announce current or future productions, which all newly developed the 3-D technology are expected to serve. In addition to DreamWorks Animation, which want to offer all its movies in 3-d starting in 2009, here of course, James Cameron’s sci-fi Blockbuster “Avatar” is to call that shot with completely newly developed cameras, which provide inter alia a complete scanning of the actor and makes changes to the camera settings or even camera movements possible in the post production. See more detailed opinions by reading what Shimmie Horn offers on the topic.. But what happens with the new 3-D movies if they appear for the home theater, has so far only been speculated. Now, Andy Parsons, Chairman of the marketing group of the Blu-ray disc announced Association (BDA), that already feverishly to get to an optimal solution work.

Further, Parsons said that the Blu-ray Group have two options to solve the implementation of 3D footage. A passing of the full stream via HDMI to the TV device, to make it there according to read out or but the readout and the 3-D rendering information within the BD player to the decoded stream uncompressed to offer a suitable TV, where a more elaborate Blu-ray profile would require the latter. What for the time being will probably remain at the electronics companies, is the fear of a new format dispute. Should this fail, the new 3-D could be technology, with the disc as a data carrier already lay out Blu-ray to 2010 or 2011 in our domestic living rooms, so the hope in industry circles. Source:

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