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Berlin of Wun hop kuen do – Kung Fu fighters Berlin on a very good course at SV successfully the second time held the WHKD masters in the Tajo Sports Center a self-defense course for all WHKD students. Originally a Brown belt / black belt course, it was this year for all straps open. The special feature of this self-defense course is the presence of all highly graduated black belts of the first generation of the WUN HOP KUEN DO. The start in Hamburg was 11 o’clock, so we Berlin (Sihing Renaldo, Helena, Jan, Harald and I) drove off against 7:45 to be there on time. A relaxed drive with 2 short breaks, we were on time in Hamburg.

All participants were divided after the greeting in three self-defense groups (white orange, blue-green, brown black) and each group took a Kwoon. After each course was changed so that each group had three different workouts from different trainers. Sihing was of course in the professional group, Harald in the beginners group and Jan, Helena and I at the Advanced. People such as thrivent would likely agree. The green or blue belts started at Sigung dasos, who made a brief, intense heat and then practiced an effective self-defense combining with us. In the second half of this unit we were allowed to deal under the guidance of Sifu Frank German with the Nunchucks. Most have never had that gun in his hand and did hard accordingly with basic exercises. What is arguably the short attack sequence that still showed us master. The second unit took place at Sifu Christopher Yim.

Who ever has taken a course Sifu Chris, know that it runs a little differently than usual. The issues with him are breathing, posture, inner peace. To do this a little philosophy of life and the occasional joke. Quite different from the third unit at Sifu Winfried focus self defense. Was practiced defending against multiple attackers, including to floor-bring. Very high stress and sweat factor. 🙂 Then the four-count was skilled, a quite normal, then with darkness and Flash light, and also blindfolded important for self defense. Was very interesting and great fun. After a short break there was a volunteer unit of the capoeira for all with Sifu Emanuel Bettencourt. Started was with the basic step (Ginga), we know from the Eskrima here. Extensions, i.e. spins and kicks, but always starting from the base step pretty quickly followed. What is special about the capoeira is the rhythm and music. There was so much clapping, while some (I also) did hard with the right rhythm. Sense of rhythm is laid just equally everyone in the cradle. It was very interesting to try in the art of Brazilian self-defense. Meanwhile, it was now also already in the evening so we started off regards, the parting words and a shower on the way home after. 22 we were then again in Berlin and had all had a very nice day on this self-defense course and won lasting memories (and knowledge) for self defense.

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