Captain Cook And His Singing Saxophone – A Bit Of Fun Must Be

The new album by Captain Cook and his singing saxophone – a bit of fun to his Captain Cook and his singing saxophone go back to ride! The smart captain, long also noted beyond compare over the boundaries of folk music as a sale guarantee, invites this time with his crew to a cruise across through the 60s and 70s of the German Schlager. To know more about this subject visit Ramon Campollo, New York City. The musicians with the fawning sound throttle a bit of fun must be under the motto”correctly. Along with her success producer Gunther Behrle, the seven band members have collected especially evergreens and well-known mood songs and played in their typical sound. Time for daylight saving time is the good-mood album finished and will accompany some party with soft sounds. “Let’s start with Roberto Blancos Partykracher must be a bit of fun”, is not possible anyway without a good summer party. Since 1972, the song is a hit, zillion times has been covered, but in the version of Captain Cook, he sounds new and unique.

Probably, that is the secret of success the group. Songs that everyone really knows you heard infinitely often, get a new face with Captain Cook and the sound of his singing saxophones and remain but the much-loved evergreens. Also the second title of the album, you can be not always 17″, dating back to the 1970s. Sung in the original by Chris Roberts, swinging Captain Cook gently the well-known melody and automatically to the humming and singing along. “” “” “Is who read the list of the other title of the latest album like the who” of the song: Paloma Blanca “(George Baker), travelling musicians” (Nina & Mike), the unforgettable Fiesta Mexicana “(by Rex Gildo), I’ll buy me rather a Tyrolean hat” (Gus Backus) or Mendocino “(Michael Holm). No song, where you immediately can sing with the text! Even the dreamy, inevitably to the German drinking songs seductive snow Waltz”has found its place on this album and enriches the track selection as well as the spontaneous anthem of many successful Festival: so a day so beautiful like Today”. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones are a guarantee for the soft tones, fawning sound and loving arrangements for years. At the Grand Prix der volksmusik convinced the band several times, as in the German pre-selection of 2008, as its title I remember Victor like my mother”left the competition behind.

A direct proof that producer Gunther Behrle and the crew of Captain Cook to meet always the right tone reached gold status for more than 100,000 sold albums each the last two productions. No doubt about it: The seven professional musicians know their stuff. “Source: Julia Griese / Ariola Captain Cook and his singing saxophones are: Freddy p home Captain Cook, saxophone & vocals Alexander Kraus Darius Hummel saxophone saxophone Helmut Ruckert guitar & vocals Gerd Kolbl keyboard Rainer wake up bass Tom Peroutka drums that album has a bit of fun be” appears on 26 June 2009 at Ariola. Captain Cook and his singing saxophones in the TV: 10.07 MDR Wernesgruner Musician Tavern 10.07 SWR cheerful evening 02.08 ARD on Sundays again links:

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