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Shalimar Guerlain fragrance on the right is one of the first places among the French perfume and holds a leading position throughout the eighty-five years. Tart, and at the same time, seductive aroma contains the motifs of magic and love stories which has no boundaries. Extracts of lemon, bergamot, vanilla, rose, iris, jasmine, lavender and aromatic resins, which form the basis of a unique fragrance Shalimar, allow to plunge into the sensual, heady atmosphere of the eastern gardens. Guerlain Shalimar perfume was created by perfumer Jacques Guerlain known in 1925. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, and add to your knowledge base. There is a fascinating story about what the basis for the creation of this unique flavor fell a real love story of the great Indian emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth. Jahan could not bear her death and in memory of his beloved, has built a beautiful palace of the Taj Mahal – the same fine as his love, and the same great as his grief.

Around the palace Shah created the magnificent "Garden of Love" – is translated the original name of Shalimar Gardens. There is another version of the creation of this fascinating scent that is far from romantic. It was just successful experiment of the creator – Jacques Guerlain, who in 1925 succumbed to the mood of experimentation and just added to his earlier created Jicky perfume is synthetic vanillin, which was then still considered a novelty. Thus, in by accident, was born fragrance, unable to remain indifferent to the hearts of many women. Guerlain Shalimar perfume bottle on the refinement is fully consistent with its content.

While working on the spirits of the place Guerlain acquaintance with the family of the owner of the famous steklovyduvnoy factory, which he ordered a crystal bottle of perfume for her. Then was born an exquisite crystal bottle, whose design has not changed over a long period of time, having won for himself a leading position in the market. In 2006, Guerlain has exposed a new version of the famous fragrance that is lighter, fresh interpretation of the classic perfume Shalimar. Favorite flavor was supplemented with fresh notes of citrus, representing the real temptation and seduction for sophisticated women. From the beginning, "persons Guerlain Shalimar were burning brunette with the appearance of the Oriental type, perfectly complement the oriental notes of this fragrance. But in 2008, starred in advertising our compatriot – Natalia Vodianova, a famous Russian model with blond hair. Game of contrasts and unusual shape of the model, overflowing with sensuality and sexuality, provided the promotional video has withdrawn the glory of the controversial advertisement. Shalimar the slogan is the personification of trembling sensibility, unparalleled elegance and timeless puzzles, which took us through the years. Celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich, Carla Bruni, Barbara Streisand could not resist the charming notes of Indian gardens, giving preference to its wonderful fragrance Guerlain Shalimar. Full force Shalimar fragrance can be felt only after a certain time after you've struck it on the skin. This is yet another highlight of this perfume when compared with other flavors, which are manifested immediately after application and opens the bouquet at once. And this is the secret perfume Guerlain, their magic.

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