Child Labor Education

Children working in television, children ball boy at tennis matches, major brand models for children, children who deliver newspapers or mow lawns in summer neighbors working children. Like the children working in fields or shops in impoverished countries in the South for food. Movements such as the Little a Worker based on the conviction that the work is part of the lives of thousands of children and that what matters is not its eradication, but occurs in dignity and promotes the formation of children. However, it should be a difference between children who do work to help their families or to develop as people and those who are exploited, with no rights, who work 12 hours for a bowl of rice This is against what the international community has to fight and get away with it. Childhood is associated with the games, with the school and having fun. However, this is a united view to the values of the North, where children and adolescents are treated in cotton.

In the South there are different realities. In many cultures, work is linked to training and personal development. Claims that working children do not study is a reality that does not always work. From Minor explained that 92% of working children are also studying and even working to afford these studies. The prohibition of child labor can lead to many families in abject poverty. With this persecution only thing that does is further criminalize poverty. However, we must firmly fight against child exploitation.

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