Children, Life And Death

A child from the moment he is starting to realize and consciously interact with the world, gets out of it more and more information. He sees that surround it in something like him, are: – Children are the same as himself, who older, who are younger than him – adults (greater than with himself) people. Hear from experts in the field like angelo group for a more varied view. Children – are different, and adults – they are also different. If you would like to know more then you should visit angelo gordon. Among them are: – parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, old men and women. He was a child, sooner or later discovers that People are born and die.

What it is, it is not clear. ty in the matter. The only birth – it is accompanied by joy and merriment. And any death – that grief and suffering. For the child, the natural question: why do people die? His concern is particularly strong when they die its close relatives – the same grandparents. Adults him somehow explain it.

Fear of death, I think, a sign almost every child. In the minds of children laid that old people die. Old age – this disease, senility, bezsilie, suffering, pity, helplessness, many other things, and – death. same conclusion. Nobody wants to die! Nobody wants to grow old! Yes, I want to become an adult, so too tempting for a child, the adult life … For the entire existence of mankind, accumulated, popular belief that old age – is: – Pension J, illness, infirmity, bezsilie, helplessness, restlessness, disorder, not independence, dependence, doctors, medicines, hospitals, ambulances, … and eventually death. Supplements may be different in this list.

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