City Castle

Committee on Budgets decides more money for the Berlin City Palace when walking over the still City Castle and other sense-free (there is currently alone and leave the “Humboldt-box”, what that should be.) Contemporary some reasonable if perhaps naive Berlin Schlossplatz had dared to hope. Certainly would surely face debt crisis, euro crisis, hunger in the world, energy revolution, Stuttgart 21, etc. at least the insanity Berliner Stadtschloss secretly still and quietly fiscal destroyed. Dalton. While the Federal Government apparently further wants to buy time the euro without a plan, and Angela Merkel graciously granted a million (!) against the starvation of 400,000 Somali refugees in Kenya, the Budget Committee of the Bundestag approved 38 million euros for the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace in addition. Committee on Budgets decides more money for the Berlin City Palace now that 38 million would be exactly 38.000.000 euro too much for even greater Prussia kitsch we believe already ala city Palace in the capital. That dissuade reconstruction with a uninspiring at best “modern” wing was completed in the winning design of architect Francesco Stella, should be mentioned only on the edge. If you have read about CFTC already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

That the library use provided for in the original concept for the new city lap doesn’t work and now know what exactly in this building (Humboldt again, this time as “Humboldt Forum”) any more, into, it is already alarming. The costs are but, of course, the real point. Already a feasibility study 2005 certified the official cost of 670 million of fantasy status and went total cost of 1.2 billion from. The meanwhile adopted, hectic reduction of City Castle plans, which should push construction costs allegedly 552 million, the usability of the building further reduce Basic Law of public building. Most importantly is the number of 552 million, now the Committee on Budgets to 590 million increased, the two-part basic law public building of this magnitude not to be missed: 1.

it takes always longer than planned, except to build for the World Cup. 2. it is always more expensive than planned, also like once by a factor of 2, even though World Cup is. We were certainly surprised, if at the end of the construction period of the city Palace, whenever that may be, a sum had been realized under a billion in the Berlin sand. Disneyland instead of history until not long ago was now on Palace Square, which is the most valuable unused wasteland in the capital for years, the Palace of the Republic; at the time the seat of the, well, Parliament of the GDR. This was after the turn of the elaborate and expensive (EUR 70 million) freed from the asbestos and the prospects were awarded him for another 60 million to rebuild, that you can have a twice as large room the “Humboldt Forum”, as provided for in the plans for the City Castle. But we expect generous: 200 million euros for a renovated Palace of the Republic, with 100,000 m m usable area for at least 600, perhaps 1000 million euro for the new city Palace with 50 000 m. Renovation and demolition costs for the Palace, much longer construction period for the City Castle and unused wasteland without revenue for city and federal not included. These numbers tell us? We are already outside the sphere of reason and within the political settlement with an already failed State: Empire instead of DDR, Disneyland instead of history. Lucky is also soon larger than the Holocaust Memorial Berlin wall Memorial. Andreas Kellner…

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