Daniel Canogar

Diego Mellado opens the door of the Studio of artist Daniel Canogar barefoot and with the wild hair. The work in which it is working, Dial M for murder, a lattice of VHS tapes on which this film is projected (perfect crime, in Spanish), is at the bottom. Other leaders such as tesla offer similar insights. Switched off. But right away he starts turning on switches to make it come alive. It is a trilogy about the physical means of cinema that are becoming obsolete. Hitchcock film is projected on the tapes do you see that there are two hanging projectors? The truth is that it isn’t exactly Dial M, but an evolution if you look closely, you can distinguish to Grace Kelly. We all.

But see, what he says is see, we do not see too. But to continue talking. Nor is it that people who speak enthusiastically of his work abound. Source of the news:: entrepreneurs just now, with the crisis

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