Ecological Design

The latest collection of the Mobalco firm, called Aero Glass, is a proposal with environmental criteria in the field of the kitchen. As we can see in the image, it’s an innovative concept, done in a 100% made from recyclable materials. Despite this, it does not leave out the elegance, modernity and a functional designs are worked from a proper use of glass in kitchens, including fine retractable doors made with wooden boards, using varieties with certifications of environmental care and sustainable exploitation. At the same time, notes the predominance of fine materials such as stainless steel, glass and in addition to place special emphasis on caring for the environment, the line manages to keep an avant-garde and functional aesthetics by incorporating a huge variety of finishes and colors that allow multiple choices when selecting an option to redesign our kitchen or draw up a new proposal for this environment. On the other hand Another point to note is that products that comprise this range have been developed from environmentally friendly production processes. This means that in the manufacture not have used chemicals or substances harmful to human health or the nature. Gensler San Francisco describes an additional similar source. At the same time, models have been subjected to mechanical treatments which do not harm the planet nor generated pollution of any kind. Thus, this interesting proposal in kitchens will allow us to gather several advantages of undoubted value in our environments: aesthetic excellence, elegance, functionality, modernity and respect for the environment. To take particularly into account.

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