Electoral College

The Treaty was a real triumph for Lutheranism and the nobles. According to this peace, each German Prince could profess religion would like without the emperor could prevent it but that Yes, all vassals of a noble had to have the same religion. In addition, established the principle that if a Prince who held an ecclesiastical position passed to Lutheranism, would lose their rights bequeath his titles by inheritance or appropriating property of the bishopric or Abbey that exercise. This clause in the long run, generated much controversy among Lutherans because the high cost of change of religion was visible. That controversial measure motivated the continuation of differences and with the years, would be the starting point of the 30 years war. A predictable burst: the revolt of Bohemia after the signing of the peace Augsburg, the resentments between luteranistas and Catholics have increased significantly. Many times having to live in the same city, and mixed the friction between them became commonplace. Both doctrines, intolerant and fan, yearned for supremacy but without any armed initiative, this was impossible.

Who is more leaning toward this option were the Germanic noble Lutherans, prevented from adopting their religion because of the high cost that it implied. Only in Germany, there were over 360 Princes seeking secretly conspiring against the King, who was usually Catholic. So views things, the outbreak of the conflict was already inevitable. On 20 March 1619, the death of the reigning Emperor, Matthias (which left no heirs) precipitated the events. Deceased Emperor, the Electoral College met on 22 March in Frankfurt to decide who should be the new King. It was the subjective organ of the Empire and without his consent, the future emperor could not convene meetings (diets), set taxes, alliances or declare war. It was composed by 3 Catholic electors of Mainz, Cologne, and Trier, Calvinist voters of Bohemia, the Palatine and Brandenburg, and finally, the elector of Saxony, of Lutheran religion.

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