Exercise Bikes

Belt Exercise bikes have the system load when the load depends on the tension and friction on the wheel, flywheel. In models with the magnetic system load varies by changing the distance between permanent magnet and flywheel or change of the magnitude of the electromagnetic field. Driving performance aelotrenazherov improved with increasing mass of the flywheel. Exercise bikes are equipped with modern and comfortable with computers, to display which shows all the options exercise. Classes are on bikes strengthen the heart muscle, normalizes metabolism, strengthens muscles and nog.Osoby class bikes – ergometers. This equipment is more sophisticated technical level.

In contrast, exercise bikes, ergometers can accurately establish the load in watts, which means to make a program of training, the most appropriate level user training and aims his lessons. Biking is a very effective kind of sport, not only strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but also the leg muscles and glutes. Exercise Bikes – most popular form of exercise machines, thanks to the compactness, convenience and comfort to nih.Velotrenazhery classes can be divided into two main groups, primarily on the system load (resistance) on the mechanical and magnetic. The mechanical system can have a belt loading – when the load depends on the tension and friction on the wheel, flywheel, and the drum, whose action is based on the resistance of brake pads, pressed to mahoviku.V models with the magnetic system, the load varies by changing the distance between the permanent magnet and flywheel. Driving performance bikes are improving with increasing mass of the flywheel, ie, than heavier the flywheel, the smoother is pedaling. Each system has its advantages: belt bikes are relatively inexpensive and compact, have high inertia drum and perfectly mimic the ride on a racing bike, magnetic – quiet, have a smooth, steady motion. In addition, the comfort of training depends on the possibility of adjusting the saddle, its size and shape.

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