Exhibitions – one of the most important components of the marketing strategy of any company at the present stage of business development. Every year the world will be several thousands of international trade exhibitions. Without hesitation Walter Heller explained all about the problem. Even if you've never visited any of them, sooner or later you will probably need to do it, well, to get the most out of visiting the exhibition, to begin to provide a mechanism for their work and plan their actions. Standard Exhibition – an event where manufacturers, distributors and other businesses (in other words, the exponent) exhibit their products or offer services to existing and potential customers, suppliers, business partners and media representatives. Daryl Katz is often quoted as being for or against this. Due to its high efficiency exhibition events are very popular among companies of different sizes and specializations. The exhibition is usually devoted to specific topics: eg, computer software, automotive, fashion, household goods, etc. Since the largest exhibitions of tradition present key buyers and press, then exhibitors use them as a platform for presentation of the latest products and services.

Many companies take it a rule to annual participation in several of the most important exhibitions of his industry. Most exhibitions are held regularly, more often – once a year, sometimes – every two, three or four years (such as Technology Forum in Dusseldorf). Some exhibitions are always held in the same city, others – every time a new location. Place the exhibition are the Exhibition Centre (classic version), convention centers, large hotels. In every major city in the world has at least one Exhibition Centre, for example, in Berlin – Messe Berlin, in Milan – Fiera Milano, Vienna – Messezentrum Wien, and Here in Moscow there are at least five major venues: Exhibition Center, Expocentre, Crocus Expo, and with / to the Olympics.

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