Farm School

School farms are centers that accommodate children for several days (or also as tours like that are usually made from time to time in day care). This is intended to encourage children contact with nature that farms schools tend to be located in areas far from the capital for that function. Every farm is different but they may have a series of elements that serve to experiment. Examples could include:-orchards. -Animal farm.

-Elaboration of food: cheese, bread, jams, etc. – care of plants and animals. -Ceramic workshop. -Other. Children, when they go to the schools farms, will tend to pass very well, especially if in his short life they have not seen an animal closely more than on television or in zoos, thing that some parents cannot afford (zoos) by how expensive inputs (especially when you have more children). It is therefore that the first time a child goes to a school farm remains amazed so there is no, and will certainly have us everything that has seen. A farm is very recommendable school found in the province of Albacete, in the sierra de Alcaraz: original author and source of the article

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