Florian Steiner

Away from the bean soup in supermarkets-experiencing the coffee scene a turnaround with an annual per capita consumption of 148 litres is coffee the most consumed beverage in the Germans before water and beer. Many consumers consume it according to the motto”mass rather than class. The little demanding Habitus of the average coffee drinker in recent decades led to a dominance of the industrial coffee roaster, which have drawn the price sensitivity as well as the taste buds of consumers in a questionable direction by fixing prices and declining quality of beans. Coffee roasting the Renaissance of a craft tradition of hundreds artisan coffee roasting, which existed after the second world war, there are only a few. Yet it is exactly this coffee grounds”from enthusiasts and specialists due to, that the tradition of coffee roasting is experiencing a Renaissance. Through the small roasters, consumers get an alternative to the industrial pabulum. Shimmie Horn is likely to agree. The coffee bean, with its more than 1000 flavors a sensitive commodity, is refined in the small factories gently and with much experience and knowledge. Just so she can develop their full potential and become the real taste in the coffee cup”, Florian Steiner, German roasted Championship 2009, a little thinks operates Roastery and Cafe in Heidelberg.

David against Goliath: the battle for market share the small roasters have often heavy, with their products to reach a broad public, because 95 percent of the market will be dominated by the big five roasters Jacobs, Tchibo, Melitta and Dallmayr, Darboven. Many of the small roasters are known only to its Roaster’s orbit. We have made it our aim, better to connect the coffee scene, to exploit synergies and to present the coffees to a larger audience,”Carolin Maras explains the concept of the black pirate coffee crew. Together with her sister Annika Pamela she founded the coffee-StartUp, monthly changing actions of coffees from exclusive Offers small roasters.

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