Gustavo Porro Martinez

A clever system prevents that forklifts and co. bring dirt into production the system cleans the treads of tyres, rollers and wheels. Up to 90 percent of there adhering dirt is left in the entrance area. The operation is simple: sit in only 45 mm high bottom tubs made of stainless steel, curved plastic base. You are like toothbrushes with many, diagonally arranged bristles. As soon as a vehicle, a forklift, for example, moves about, the Special brushes into movement. And wipe the dirt off automatically without electricity and without expenditure of time. 2011 went the first cleaning field in operation at ContiTech.

With tangible results. There is since less dirt in the halls,”says Gustavo Porro Martinez. “The specialist of the Department of technical services also praises a money values side-effect: the cleaning interval could be raised promptly from weekly to fortnightly.” These positive experiences quickly made the rounds among colleagues. So the ordered Companies 2012 two more plants, recently followed the order of profile gate number four. Production significantly cleaner society to the automotive supplier with continental decided each for ground-level installation. Which is subsequently quickly made: it creates a flat, uniform well, applying glue, moved the tub and uses the brushes grates after curing.

We had a weekend finish”Porro Martinez recalls. An upper-floor installation would have been possible. But the approach associated with shallow ramps seems opportune at the truck frequency of the air spring producers actually no longer. Porro Martinez appreciates the traffic density on 20 trucks per lock and per hour. Proven cleaning system cleaning fields are designed for such a rush. We had to replace until today no brush, the system has proven itself,”accounted for the mechanical engineer. Daryl Katz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The manufacturer of profile gate, the machine factory today. quantifies the capacity up to 10 tons on each axle of the vehicle. A lifetime warranty on racks and tubs is included.

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