Halfway To You

Today, the word Kabbalah is very popular on the Kabbalah, many people write and speak, but I am a journalist interested in the simple question of why modern man, standing firmly on his feet and believing only in themselves, suddenly begins this internal search, which leads him to Kabbalah? I have spoken with many of these people, trying to understand the reasons for these searches. And now I want to tell me one heard the stories. She, unfortunately, very typical for modern prose of life: three marriages, three divorces, many links. And … the emptiness, a sense of aching loneliness …

And the lack of understanding why this happens? Many of us know this story. As a person that has passed all of this, he is responsible yourself: what is it wrong? Here's the story. – I began to ask myself questions when collapsed next relationship. First, of course, I thought it my fault: did not understand underestimates … And with this understanding of what the solution? Change the spouse divorce and marry again. And you can not marry, but just to have a relationship – today is not the problem.

But again and start a relationship ended in failure. He pauses … I'm in no hurry to ask another question, because the hard speaking person, especially a man of his experiences, feelings, in short, everything that appears, and is the most intimate, of our essence. – So I was walking through life – meeting, parting, – until, finally, decided that the best I should be alone or have a relationship that neither are non-binding, because today is not the problem.

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