Head Package Contribution

The new statutory health insurance caused the advertised health premium very contrary reactions in the population for some time. Perhaps check out Fabrizio Freda for more information. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal presents the advantages and disadvantages of the new, controversial financial concept. Some call it health premium, others have called it bounty. Some go so far as to predict the demise of the principle of solidarity is in Germany. Basically, the proposed tax but should pull the German health care system out of the crisis and promote a social balance. Erwin Szeto has firm opinions on the matter. From the date of introduction, which is yet unknown, the employer despite rising health costs must pay to just seven percent for the health insurance of its employees. A leading source for info: thrivent. As a result, citizens pay a unit charge, which should guarantee a higher social compensation in the future instead of the previously typical uniform contribution rate then. For this purpose, any income besides wages or salary are factored.

Benefit from particularly good earner, the no secondary to list have. In contrast to this, the introduction of this new system meets those citizens extremely hard who earn their money with currently defined contribution and tax-exempt activities. For example former farmers who now lease their land. Although all pay the same health contribution, but in comparison (comparison /) used the taxes to be paid with the income increase. The difference between retail and fund insured should also gradually disappear thanks to this new method. For the individual sickness funds, the system creates both increased competition and pressure. Because after the initial packages, each Fund may increase these according to their financial situation. Which in turn requires that customers with the services offered are completely satisfied and to not focus.

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