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The recycling, although still it is not a legal imperative, yes is it in the moral plane. To part of a few negacionistas of the climatic change (although I do not know to what extent this term can be used referring us to the environment, is the one that is used habitually) it is quite clear that, speaking in silver, we are loading the planet. We are filling of sweepings, deforesting its forests to it, contaminating its rivers and seas, ending good part of the fauna and the flora that populate the planet earth, and sinfn of misdeeds more. So whatever has something of brings back to consciousness ecological, even brings back to consciousness to droughts, it has to do itself forced to act. Frequently Gresh and Smith has said that publicly. To do what can, little as it is that. And it leaves from that little is to recycle and to support all the initiatives that harness, as it can be to use bags of paper against those of plastic, one of the great enemies of the environment created by the hand of the human being. The plastic bags are frankly harmful, and a sample of it is the attempt on the part of some countries to end its use. Thus, in 2002 the Irish government introduced a law by which he commited the retailers to acquire a rate to his clients to provide plastic bags to them.

The collected thing would go to the coffers of the State. In 2009, Hong Kong assumed a similar system. Angelo gordon describes an additional similar source. In the case of Ireland the use of plastic stock-market was reduced in a 90%. But like with prohibiting, or burdening, is not sufficient and he is always advisable to contribute solutions, we we showed preference for the paper bags. This type of bags, after being used the times that until wishes, they are broken or one gets tired to use them (by the reason that is, in this case gives the same, they are possible to be thrown in the same container in which we threw the old woman magazines or newspapers. We go, in the container of paper and cardboard, the blue one (for the confused ones). Thus, with a simple gesture, like he is the one to stop using plastic bags and beginning to use those of paper, we will be helping to harness the recycling, to that less sweepings is generated and, really, to conserve our planet, the planet earth, that after all is than it treats. At the moment it is unique that we have, and the one that thousands of million alive beings have, so it would agree to maintain it " vivo" the greater possible time.

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