House Decoration

It is one of the great themes of history, since it has been evolving since the beginning of their times, at the beginning was a matter only for the more wealthy population, and popularizing gradually for the rest of the population. At first consisted merely something practical, a table to eat, bed and chairs, a cupboard for food… Currently however, it is a much more complex issue, and that goes much further that needs simple practices, and we become styles through which it has moved this topic to choose our taste that is best suited to us, we choose between centuries of history of the decoration, with its hundreds of variants, and we usually decline by most novel, the exclusive, the style of fashion of the season, and is still today evolves so dizzying, making even that which originally chose you pass fashion a few years, or even the next year, as the clothes. For these reasons we tend to redecorate the House from time to time to go updating us, but in that there is an exception, the styles that come from other eras and we adopt them to our home, these do not go out of fashion, since it existed in his time, and they are styles that endure over time, as the decoration style Luis XVI, for example. There are also certain modern styles that do not become fashionable, as minimalism, or those without major stridency also tend to endure more.

But choose what choose we should feel at ease in our home that reflects our tastes and our personality, and choose good furniture and good professionals to have the best result, which we understand and know that it is what we want, what we are looking for. There are professionals who work adapting to the client, and the place, making the custom furniture and custom, so looking for the best result and customer satisfaction. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, and add to your knowledge base. In cabinetmaking decoration Ibanez and sons, are as well, looking for the best result, and your project and your ideas will make them reality, always with the best quality, and adapting to your tastes and needs. Joinery decoration Ibanez hijos, S. l..

ebanisteriaibanez. NET (on-line store). ebanisteriaibanez. It is (web site) c / Leon N 37 08191 Rubi (Barcelona) Anabel Ibanez, born in 1980 in Terrassa, Barcelona. Currently titled interior designer decorator working in the family business, and also nutritional, entrepreneurial consultant..

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