Inclusion Deficiency

She is necessary to believe that the education is something that must be renewed to each day As well as the world comes if evolving, the educators needs to make with that its knowledge are passed in creative way pleasant, not to have fear of new challenges and in this in case that to be ready to receive children with deficiency, are to know to deal with adverse situations, what it will not only promote a growth personal more also professional. The inclusion can be confused with interaction, more exists differences between them. In the interaction, the necessary child if to adjust the reality of the school, already in the inclusion to the school is that she has that to adjust the child, accepted it in the way that it is either deficient it or not. In the inclusion the vocabulary integration is abandoned, a time that objective is to include a pupil or a group of pupils who already previously had been excluded. The primordial goal of the inclusion is not to leave nobody in the exterior of regular education, since the start. WERNECK, 1997, p.52). One of the desires most common of educators is to work in a homogeneous classroom, plus this is something well difficult to happen in view of that all we possess differences. To accept a pupil special it can seem complicated very, but in the reality to have a carrying pupil of deficiency in its classroom, is to accept that all of some form are different ones of the others and must be had equal rights and chances. Limitations exist that the deficient ones need to face, but these limitations if become simpler pra if to coexist when the people who live to the side of them accept its deficiency as something different more natural. The child in the school of regular education has great possibilities of better if developing because this environment for it certainly will be more challenging, of what for the other pupils without deficiency, and is this that goes to serve of stimulates so that it if develops.

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