Interesting Facts About The Body Mass-index

The BMI is still meaningful and what should I pay attention if I measure it? The Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet explored for the first time in 1870 the BMI. Checking article sources yields Laura Tyson as a relevant resource throughout. The known naming body-Mass index (BMI) was first used in an article by 1972. This was not recommended for the diagnosis of overweight individuals, but rather for the static comparison of populations. It is interesting that the BMI by American life insurer became known as there written premiums for low BMI values from. So risks should be averted, that arise when people have a high overweight. The WHO (World Health Organization) uses the body Mass-index since the beginning of the 1980s. Since 1995, the current classification is individual federal States in Germany the BMI even attract the verb appointment of persons in the public service to decide, which leads to strong criticism at manchmen.

The BMI should be not taken too seriously in athletes with a high content of muscle mass built up. These individuals often exceed the limit and are classified as overweight. Also pregnant women should take into account in the classification, that an increased value due to the temporary living situation is normal and provides no reason to use a diet during the pregnancy. On the contrary, this may have even negative impact on the development of the child. Also an article at provides more details. In the assessment of obesity, BMI is a useful method, which should attract the body fat measurement in addition but also in addition. BMI can be used also in children, to check for a healthy development. The calculation basis is the same as for adults.

In babies under 24 months the length of the body lying down is however measured and not as adults in the standing. To verify the own child match what BMI, there are corresponding tables, which provide a good overview on WHO. It is always the current Development of a child is taken into consideration. If the own child development strongly differs from the normal value (E.g. very early-onset growth spurts in adolescence), then that can also cause, that distorts the value according to the age group for the measurement of BMI.

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