Ken Wilber

By the neglect that has had the human spiritual part that considers the true essence of being, is repetitive with regard to their role and their education (in spirit) as a necessary part in an education integral to having as ultimate goal the significance of our condition, the only means to overcome suffering.Universal love is always present: in the family, school, nature, the cosmos. Love is the way to put an end to injustice, war, planetary predation. Another constant presence is optimistic; It is not only a utopian theoretical construction (of a place that does not exist) but it is a Utopia (a beautiful, beautiful, desirable place). The holistic vision is strengthened by the reading of each of his books, where do not plot boundaries or barriers between the physical and the metaphysical; between the finite and the infinite; between the original life manifested along about 20 thousand years; between the Big Bang and the Galactic events of the moment. Flowing vision in a deployment of the cosmos that into a spiral of ascending development transcendent of matter, of life, of the essence leads to the Supreme expression of being. However, this slow and at once fleeting journey is uphill, ascending, that requires effort and clear vision with eye suitable to each case to not decay into pathologies and continue the evolutionary ascent. This is the particular intention of the writings of RG stressed in the spirit of education, learning to be and in a single consciousness. You can see that Ken Wilber is present in the deployment and transition from one area to another area; on the emergence of human consciousness and its evolutionary process; in the differentiation of media to capture reality in its different dimensions with the corresponding eye (eyes of knowledge) and thus see, discern, realizing (insight) both of wonders of pathologies like that called subtle reductionism in the current proposals (in education) that purport to be real alternatives but that they are not () that its innovative presentation and theoretical refinement tend to spend how powerful alternatives to improve education (on p.

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