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Increasingly, English language course people come in with a problem of perception on hearing the English language. Everyone knows that the problem disappears, if correctly identify its source. Click Kennedy Wilson to learn more. Try to figure out what’s the real problem and how to solve it. The most basic and pretty funny situation. You may want to visit Steffan Lehnhoff to increase your knowledge. The man says: “To say I am still somehow something I can, but here’s the ear does not perceive.” After testing it appears that his level of proficiency in English between zero and first. As you can hear and understand some gerundive Conversely, if you are familiar with only the ‘My name is Ivan, I get up at seven o’clock ‘ So it’s pretty normal that at this level, you still do not understand.

Just keep on learning English. Another situation: a person is really good skills, but when he hears English speech, he simply “lost”, he increasingly withdraws into himself, because it represents some sort of “bubbling” for him. And this, of course, the language barrier. People just do not confronted (can not easily perceive) the rapid flow of English speech. And through this you just go. We need more of a dip in the English-speaking environment and to try communicate, communicate and communicate again in English! At some point people will realize that to understand the English language is as easy as to speak it, of course, only if you can not communicate with the Texan.

For this case we have solutions netJ But if the problem persists, then the problem is a bit more serious, but solvable, too. In fact, from a technical point of view of a man is all right with perception. After all, a man well hears Russian speech. That here really not so, is its ability to “reproduce.” At this ability is particularly pointed out by L. Ron Hubbard in his writings on education. Reproduction – the ability to repeat something exactly. Seen people who need it in Russian to repeat something several times before they understood what was going on? Sometimes they really understood the meaning of your words, only when we ourselves after you repeat the phrase. Approximately the same happens in English. A simple exercise to repeat English phrases after the teacher (or coach) to complete reproduction (up to the moment when people will hear and not repeat every pretext and every article) helps deal with that. Of course, it may take several hours or days before results appear. But the confrontation of man, his ability to quietly listen to the English language without falling into confusion, definitely increase. Then, when people repeat the phrase exactly, you can ask, as he understood it. Previously, people skip this step, he immediately tried to translate. And how can translate what you have not even heard? As a result of Exercise time to play will be reduced to a few fractions of seconds, and the person will be able to properly translate and communicate. Therefore, English language training must necessarily include work with the skill of perception English speech, or rather, with his playing. And English language courses must take this into consideration! In our English language courses you are fully able to practice skills of English speech perception by ear.

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