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Vocabulary trainer AZ6-1 with the USB version of 0 on the pole position of sales success story before good one and a half months the Lammenett has a father daughter duo his latest genius, the AZ6 1 sent USB version of the vocabulary trainer, at the start. Today is the best-selling version of the learning program in the shop (www.az61.de). No wonder finally Annika and Erwin have the USB stick everything under installed, what a learner in the race for the good grades is necessary to reach the No. 1: learn anywhere mobile thanks to USB stick debate vocabulary and learning perfect function with the help of the new audio even creatable learning in the efficient Klassenarbeits or long term memory mode keyboard of hot keys to control launcher for quick start start of the PC supports numerous writings, E.g.: Cyrillic, Asian and Arabic characters of holiday mode for the pit stop extensive learning statistics merge chassis (UI) customizable complete backup and restore in seconds export and import function for vocabulary by third parties several 10,000 vocabulary of various online languages available… and much more! After long losing streak: Finally new fuel actually had the duo shortly after the start of your top version already the USB sticks, which shipped assumed. Now wise finally new, faster, even more beautiful vocabulary Renner are happier available, that you or your child safely to the pole position. Run through and get still AZ6-1 audio USB version see: only while supplies last! Stefan Pilz – project manager

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