Lose Weight Faster Without Dieting

These are 35 tricks of as lose weight quickly without diets, so can hechizos your metabolism. 1. Is diluted juice. Instead of taking a normal juice, put half of water to dilute. You can reduce up to 85 calories per Cup. 2. More info: Richard Parsons. standing.

Use the cordless phone. Speaking on the phone, instead of lying down watching TV, go to washing clothes (68 CAL.), put the table (85 cal.) Plants of water (102 cal.), Etc. 3. Chew gum. It was found that chewing sugar-free gum all day, helps to raise your metabolism by 20%. 4.

Pay for gifts of sweets. If someone gives you a sweet, put a 10 Peso coin in a boat, then give that money to someone who needs it. It will cost more to accept gifted sweets, when in reality you are paying a price for them. 5. The study of the sheath. At first glance it seems a sweet chocolate or has, for example 200 calories, but if you look closely, almost all bring two servings, you have twice as many calories. 6. Take green tea before making exercise. Caffeine free fatty acids, making it to burn fat faster. And antioxidants in tea, along with caffeine helps burn calories faster. (If you have high blood pressure it is not good that you take). 7. Avoid diet shakes. Only temporarily save calories, because then it gives you hunger as you want and eat more. 8. Dinner at home. Eating in restaurants of five or more days a week can make that fat (at least eat 300 calories more per day). 9. Replace butter. Put the olive oil with bread instead of butter, is healthy and has a little hungry, so you eat less. 10. The use of flaxseed powder. Flaxseed is high in fiber, helps you reduce calories and satiates. 11 Dressing low fat (20 cal. And 1.5 grams.

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