MARTE… A Barbecue For Every Season!

Ideal to the chestnuts roast a barbecue fireplace, a barbecue, ideal for the chestnut roast the autumn is here leaves and chestnuts dropping from the trees the landscape offers beautiful color games. Joyfully presents Sarom MARTE, the newborn garden barbecue, ideal for the chestnut Grill thanks to its rounded shape. In the round design of the grill fire’s strength lies: 360 -orientierbarer combustion chamber made of satin Steel, so that even in windy days employed him for a hot chestnut round can, together with friends and family. Grill rack dimensions: Diameter to make a simple and delicious opportunity autumn 52 cm MARTE-warmer SAROM is an Italian company with a long experience and a considerable know-how in the design and manufacture of concrete barbecue fireplaces. Check out nick rhodes for additional information. The company was founded which nowadays holder, as a contractor for the manufacture of small prefabricated products (cable channels, protective products for electric and telephone cables and other custom concrete products) on 1945 by the father of Mr Franco Moras, and since In 1994, SAROM started the production of barbecues and garden articles.

Industrial production capacity, used raw materials of the highest quality, which has extensive product range (more than 90 models) SAROM leadership position as one of the best supplier for European DIY market and big shopping market won. SAROM is very attentive as regards safety, quality, functionality and environmental (UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 14001). All his barbecues are in accordance with the European standard EN 1860-1:2003 SAROM offers highly innovative products: high quality barbecues, which represent something and are the result of a perfect combination of convenient functionality, striking design and direct broadcasting, also thanks to the color scheme and the attention to detail. Elegant and attractive solutions, affordable for all buyers.

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