Michel Gagner

The gastric sleeve came for the first time in 1988 as a very extensive and complex procedure in those days was called duodenal switch. Years later, for 1995, I was conducted by Magenstrasse and Mill a procedure called street of stomach and consisted of open the abdomen of conventional way to perform this surgery. The gastric sleeve as we know it now was introduced by Michel Gagner en Nueva York in 199, from that moment, this procedure is performed by laparoscopy, so it does not open the abdomen. ter M. Estée Lauder can aid you in your search for knowledge. Wayne. The gastric sleeve is a minimal invasive surgery for what patients can go by your own foot the next day operation. To do you this surgery you don’t need to worry about postoperative hernia, infection or pain in the wound. For the year 200 was already believed that gastric sleeve was a very good option for patients with severe overweight, is known that you can be them gastric sleeve so they lose a lot of weight and then move on to more complicated procedures such as the gastric bypass. An overweight surgery is nothing more than change your life, improve your quality of life should be of vital importance, because it is more than look nice stay healthy and avoid problems like hypertension or diabetes secondary.

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