More Germans Voluntarily

Volunteering in the Club: tackle more and more Germans voluntarily with the volunteering stands tall in the course, the expression has changed greatly in recent years. According to representative study of the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth (volunteer Survey 2004) 23 million Germans are involved in clubs. A variety of 600,000 clubs in Germany could not exist without volunteering. Study of the Research Center for civic engagement at the University of Paderborn shows that the manner of engagement over the years has changed. Short-term missions are becoming more popular, the Treasurer for life has served this is a conclusion of the Paderborn study on structure change of volunteering.

Was the reputation of the volunteer dusty long, then considered recreational killer. Once volunteering, always volunteering often for decades an obligation that is becoming less attractive was. Volunteering in the past was a necessary evil, who held it, remained sitting often years later. But slowly turns the image: Volunteering is fun and strengthens the community. Instead of long-term bind to an Office, volunteers take care of today more and more in the short term and solution-oriented concrete task fields. Individuals are committed increasingly under specific temporal and organisational point of view, that have a close connection with their biographical experiences and individual future plans. \”The younger generation up to 30 years shows a willingness to take on interesting tasks in the Club – especially in the field of sport and exercise trend\”, as Prof. Dr.

Dr. Braun, Director of the Research Center for civic engagement at the University of Paderborn. Board of Directors, Secretary, Treasurer, coach or supervisor – the tasks of the Association are complex. It is quite common that certain offices be compensated by expenses and fees. Trainer and supervisor will get for example refunds travel expenses and premiums for successful training. The facets of the activities can be transferred even in professional life, because volunteering is an important criterion for the career resume often.

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