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We should already be prepared in the handling of the emotions, I have torn and used a good time of life in which we must already have surprised as our emotions manifested as we manage our feelings, affected, as we’ve identified with love, as we have interrelated us with those people that we have selected to share feelings, love. We have learned to manage our emotional energy load and not that we handle and may lead to States that often have caused us suffering, levels that have affected us emotionally. We must be careful in the way we interrelacionamos and place trust in the person who we have selected as a couple, we must occasionally stop us Pro optimize in the handling of the emotions, taken into account by the contributions of the integral meditation examples, as is it reminds us, according to a study conducted in China, there is a way fast and easy to handle the various emotional States. It would also serve to treat fatigue, anxiety and stress, all these depressive States affecting our behavior, behavior. Precisely, tells us, that recent studies suggested that months or years of intense meditation can improve attention, but some researchers now believe that less than a week of practices of holistic meditation of mind and body can produce a significant improvement in mental state.The study to 40 Chinese undergraduates found that participation in sessions of 20 minutes of integral meditation for five days was a great improvement in attention and the general mood.Also, the integral meditation would have generated lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue, in comparison with the control group students who practiced relaxation exercises.Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang of the University of Oregon and his colleagues presented their research in the latest edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The integral meditation, explained the authors, incorporates many key components of techniques for body and mind, including body relaxation, adjusting breathing, viewing images and exercises of circumspection, which showed large positive effects on attention, emotion and social behaviors in previous studies.This combination can extend the effect of training above the results obtained with only one of those components.Thus, after just five days, the integral meditation group students showed significant improvements in tests of attention and mood, greater than the of the control group who performed relaxation.His reaction to a limit situation improved also considerably, as it showed the significant decrease of the cortisone levels associated with stress.The conclusions of the study highlighted the potential value of meditation for stress control, mental and bodily health and improving cognitive skills and self-control, according to the team of Tang..

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