Each one trying to make optimum. In such a way we were to each day leading activities of the interest of the children as: bingo, break-head, histories, games, we carry through experiences with air, we construct to pipes the pupils together with, we heard musics, we sang, we liamos poetries and we dramatizvamos those that the pupils more liked, we brought parlendas, varied texts and we talked very in the wheel with the pupils. Valley to stand out that all the actions had relation with the subject. The acceptance of the children with regard to the activities was complete and the learning happened spontaneously in climate of magic, emotion, discovery and much creativity. Certain day, in the wheel happens the inevitable one: Meire So teeny Ane, Age menorzinha of the room, Seemed one bichinho well wild: distrustful, arisca, it did not say, it whispered baixinho, to the times.

destrua, destrua everything that found. Its mozinhas seemed a ray that falls on objects with rapidity devastando everything. Much energy emanated of that one corpinho, always serious to make pranks a thousand, to smile for who? Why? So marked in full infancy. Its history is not different of the one of millions of children who punished coexist all type of violence. Its first smile was as a pretty morning of much sun.

Its first kiss had flavor of manjar (and it looks at that wise person not to kiss). The first time that the brightness of its eyes seated in the wheel illuminated and gave to life rodinha the pencil learned to hold, the shears caught to cut and looking at intent with the fiche of its name in the hand started to scribble. Looking at frightened what it had fact, happy it cried out: – Pro, Pro I wrote my name, Meire Ane. Without words, without commentaries the conquest of Meire Ane moved we all for its history (of suffering, disdain and humilhao) the overcoming of the same one proves to the force of an education directed toward the affection, the ternura, the love leaving of the interests of the pupils, providing rich and significant activities moving with its imaginary one.

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