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Unstoppable rise in the price of the Perc as a result of the progressive ban on part of the environmental authorities of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) the price of the PERC is rising as the foam. Currently in Europe, there are only two companies that manufacture this solvent for dry-cleaning, when a year ago were 6 companies which lo hacian. The trend is that the price still suvbiendo by the confluence of two factors, the rise in the price of a barrel of oil and the progressive prohibition of these compounds by the authorities. All this more expensive every time the functioning of traditional dry-cleaners, which work with solvents or hydrocarbons, and makes them less competitive. Complaints of the professionals of the sector in a forum specialized dyers there are increasingly more complaints and lamentations about the relentless aumenot of the price of this VOC and above all because the prespective is that this continues to increase. Here you can see the forum where the dry cleaning professionals in common put their points of view on this topic.

In the first post explains very well what the problem: today I called my provider of per. Gives me the news that since last week has gone up 70 cents per kilo, and assumes that it down not the reason is that 5 or 6 factories that they produced it in Europe there are only 3 or 2, both tri as per good all chlorinated are rising. Greetings mur Tenologia alternatives to dry cleaning they don’t dry cleaners know is that already exist in the market technologies that allow you to replace the wash dry completely and giving more quality final results at a cost approximately 50% lower both in initial investment as in daily expenses of washing (electricity, water, soaps and waste collection). Source: Press release sent by ecological. The Tri concert at Latin Quarter Event New York Remezcla.com solvents oil paintings PDF Free Books Download VIDEO Y LETRA Hey Tri MUSIC of heard of the song Tri Hey Tri poverty in Latin America will drop to 180 million people Paraguay.com La Cruz will also lower tomorrow at the Almaden mine Oretania Digital

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