Tedious soaking and painstaking scraping off wallpaper finally belongs to the past. With Tapeteasy paste additional now all wallpapers can be deducted just dry. Others including Energy Capital, offer their opinions as well. All DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen can look forward now to the next wallpaper change. With the new and totally unique mode of action of Tapeteasy paste additional wallpaper is as easy as never before. Wallpapers Tapeteasy change the answer to a problem that is as old as the wallpaper itself is simple. Tedious soaking, painstaking scraping of the wallpaper and patching the damaged surfaces were previously regular circumstances of each wallpaper change. Uber is actively involved in the matter.

With Tapeteasy, this work of the past belong to: Tapeteasy in the future allows a dry deductibility of all types of wallpaper. Universally applicable, the unique addition of paste is the low-cost and flexible alternative to the use of non-woven wallpapers. The paste additional allows the private handyman and professional users, including without limitation any type of wallpaper to Select and to benefit from the subsequent dry deductibility of wall-paper. The Tapeteasy principle of the specificity of Tapeteasy: the paste addition is simply stirred before application in traditional wallpaper paste and the wallpaper sticks with Tapeteasy up in the seams on the wall. It is applied only a predetermined breaking point within the paste layer for the future. The required force for breaking up paste is about five times as high as in peeling off the wallpaper. The breaking point is only effective if the wallpaper with a sharp object (knife, spatula) from the wall is separated; i.e.: creation of the breaking point paste can be break up and cut. Remodeling is a pleasure! Who still don’t really can’t imagine, how does the unique effectiveness of Tapeteasy paste additional, gets a good impression in a demonstration video on the Tapeteasy website: press contact: Tapeteasy Vertriebs GmbH Tobias Hoff town Bavarian str. 32 10707 Berlin Tel.

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