Pentagon American

Whereas in all those cases there were long wars and very bloody, the rise of I castrate occurred with relative little dead load. I castrate did not consolidate in palace executing to hundreds of thousands. Another particularitity is that the Cuban revolution was not led by a Communist Party, but by a group of dissidents of the orthodox nationalism , the same that no it counted on the initial affection of the official communist party. When it Castrated celebrated his 32 anniversary was one of Latin American the more young people than he arrived at the power. Then it declared anti-communist and partisan of a democracy USA type. Nevertheless, its revolution went away radicalizing. After the USA determines a quota for the Cuban acquisition of sugar, I castrate is sent to expropriate $US 850 million North American properties. After the defeat of the invasion organized by the company in Bay Dirty, I castrate decides to transform into marxist-leninist.

In February 1962 the OAS led by Washington declares the blockade commercial against Cuba and soon the crisis of the missiles explodes in which almost Cuba detonates III the world war. The left turn of I castrate was encouraged by a pressure of its bases and the international scene, by the hard attitude of the USA and the express interest that the USSR had to create a base to few kilometers of distance of the USA in order to neutralize the military camps that the Pentagon had watered in several bordering countries. When in 1966 Fidel it fulfilled half of his present life, he had made a change fundamental. The democratising guerrilla had become the architect of the unique planned and estatizada economy that has had in the Americas. I castrate did something that never is more had bold to make a governor Latin American (and who is not possible that today Chvez or Morales can do): to expropriate to the private industralists and to establish a subject estatizada economy to a quinquennial plan.

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