My mother broke with the tradition since the custom was to transmit this art of mothers to daughters. Therefore to my she learned it mother of his mother, my grandmother of his great-grandmother, my great-grandmother of his mother and thus without knowing how to them to say when she began. I mean to them that when I have wanted to delight to somebody with a subject of gossip I have obtained it with this simple prescription. And in truth it is very simple, because it does not require time, is easy and tastes great. Uber spoke with conviction.

The picor depends on its taste, in himself Chile bell usually is not picoso. When the palate this customary to the picor him we can add chili peppers highlands. When takes control of dried sun chili peppers usually it has a color redder than the chili peppers that are dried to machine. Also the flavor varies a little and in my humble opinion the sun drying tastes better. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out comerica back. Now we put to cook chili peppers bell with the tomatoes and the Popes, after they are cooked we grind the tomatoes without the descabados skin and chili peppers bell and without seeds along with the garlic tooth, we put sufficient water to him of where we put to cook everything and salt to the pleasure.

We divided it to the Popes in rectangles and we put it to the meat to fry. Already when the meat this in its point we added the Popes and the sauce to him. We left about five minutes it. You would begin to perceive an exquisite ready scent and. You can accompany with frijos Peruvian or black and hot tortillas.

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