Prefer Hemorrhoids

It is possible that people who suffer from hemorrhoids, know there is a likelihood that some relative yours not support these discomforts, but shame is not known, or they ignore that suffer from them, in any case we must always know a home treatment for hemorrhoids to leave posted for help in an indirect way, without making scandals of his shameful disease. Preparing and sharing a diet rich in fibres, taking as a basis fruits, vegetables, and whole grains help to pass feces in the intestine and to decrease the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Other foods rich in fiber are beans, bran cereals, and whole grains. Nutritious foods such as cheese, milk cause constipation to persons who are lactose intolerant, for these types of cases must eliminate these products. Instead of coffee or an alcoholic drink, which are potent diuretic not purgative, which also produces constipation, can take tea and fruit juices provide enough liquid for the body, they have anti-inflammatory effects, also after use you can perform infusions with leftovers for use in sitz bath that calms their torments.

Make sure that the sitz bath are first cold, to stop the pain, and when there are no symptoms we can treat it with warm water to more tolerable temperature, to unlock the obstruction in the circulation of the veins, the continuous application performs an effect anti-inflammatory, together with good nutrition, healthy reversible hemorrhoids. Another home treatment for hemorrhoids are herbal remedies with herbs such as aloe vera that greatly improves your health. Using directly in hemorrhoids, performs an analgesic and calming, effect or also you have the option of consuming it by combining it with the fruit of your taste, has mild laxative effect which will allow you to eliminate constipation..

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