Protect Wounds

Only the right collar protects a special care surgical wounds before licking and Benagen surgical wounds or skin lesions, like spots need hot to heal without complications. Because animals regularly clean themselves, wounds are strongly claimed. The collar prevents animals – mostly dogs and cats – mind instinctively to clean up the existing wounds. Animals clean every day, which is why the oral mucosa with many different bacteria is populated, which would complicate a healing of the wound and may trigger a serious infection depending on the infection pressure. A more serious threat to any fresh wound is the mechanical pressure through the licking of the wound.

Wound thicken and break down, new soft tissues are destroyed and disturbed wound healing. While some few individuals through a mere Association of the licking hold, the collar is used in the majority of cases. Which collar is adequate? Increasingly offered soft collars, the animal the time of Wound healing to make more pleasant. However, practice shows that the customer is not can count as owner of stubborn animals on these collars, because animals quickly develop the appropriate technique to rid yourself of the neck Ruff over. Only the traditional plastic collar, often called also “funnel”, protects the wounds. How is this collar? This collar is made of white plastic and is funnel-shaped twisted. Educate yourself with thoughts from Spencer Breslin. About 3 buckles it is put together so that it is not possible to open by the animal. At the small end of the funnel the tabs used to thread a collar or through a gauze bandage.

The neck is fixed, after she was pulled over the head of the animal with the gauze bandage or the collar on the neck of the animal. The collar is lightweight, which enhances the acceptance of animals. What size is the correct choice? On behalf of the veterinarian often defines the size of the collar about the neck circumference, so that ordering via catalogue or online shop is easily possible. The values are the tolerance values, E.g. by 22-25 cm neck circumference. The collar should sit comfortably loose, but not over the head strip off to leave. To select the correct length, care should be taken, that extends beyond the snout of the animal over the edge of the Krause. In this case it will be the animal despite appropriate neck circumference, to lick wounds at the back of the body. The Ruff is as scratch protection, E.g. after surgery on the eye. Here, a small frill is sufficient to protect the head area of the hind feet. The Ruff of white plastic is available in the neck sizes between 22 and 57 cm. N. Fox

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