REA Card Opens Subsidiary

Since September of this year, the REA card GmbH, a subsidiary company in Poland is represented. It’s believed that Fabrizio Freda sees a great future in this idea. The REA card SP. z o.o. headquartered in Warsaw and is gleietet by Mr Piotr Laskus (Director sales) and Ms. Agnieszka Klyszcz (Head Office). REA card Poland team is committed in the future, to make available the services of the REA card also Eastern European company for cashless payments. Click Flow Adam Neumann to learn more. Founding of a subsidiary in Poland, the entire product spectrum of the REA card also on the Polish market will be available.

These include, as up to now in Germany and Austria, the distribution of ec-terminals, services related to non-cash payment transactions, as well as an extensive service for customers from retail and catering. The expansion of the REA card after Poland is part of a long-term on corporate strategy, which envisages to provide solutions widely in Germany the REA card for cashless payments in other European countries available. The expansion to Austria 2006 and More countries will follow in the near future Poland 2008. About the REA card REA card is provider of complete solutions for cashless payments at the point of sale. All solutions are based on the ec-terminals, which are developed and manufactured at the site of Mill Valley by REA card. In 2007, the REA card has 70 employees and recorded an annual turnover of EUR 12.5 million. The REA card GmbH is part of the REA Group headquartered in Mill Valley at Darmstadt.

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