School Education

The pressure on the teaching profession has origin is of the educative system (social expectations) and in its interior. Knowing, the knowledge, the innovation, the inquiry, the society of the knowledge and the education increase the social pressure on the educative systems and the professors. The increase of the educative level and the access of all to a professional qualification and a certification of quality are changedded into one strong social requirement. exclusion and the unemployment threatens to that they had not acquired an education of enough base and that, therefore, they have difficulties to arrive at an education of quality. The professors find themselves obliged to ' ' perfeio' '.

One expects that the school protects these professionals against the unemployment and the exclusion, and that the light one to the qualification, the job and the insertion. The duty of the professors to assure the success to all the young, increasing the quality of the education for all, becomes complex more the teaching profession. The School has a function each more important time in the distribution of the social papers, giving to reply to all the problems that the society does not obtain to decide, is they: to teach and to educate, to transmit knowledge, to develop intellectual capacities, to transmit values, to prepare for the professional qualification and social insertion professional. To teach is to work with pupils on knowledge that evolve without stopping and that they are organized in you discipline with more or less steady borders. The young, with frequency, has that to cover great distance to assume itself of basic knowledge; on the other hand, the society demands the professors who its pupils do not fail, that all dominate to know elaborated and evolutivos, that develop a critical attitude and that they are capable to decide complex problems. Other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights. Practical the educative ones have that to adapt it the diversity of the estudantil population, of its motivations, its experiences, its expectations and its projects.

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