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Action Alliance: We see the successful referendum as to those who really have a democratic mandate in this matter the Action Alliance refers to the fact that the citizens of the District of Tempelhof-Schoneberg have expressed in the June 09 with almost 68% of the votes (in absolute numbers almost twice as much as the strongest party in the European Parliament election) for a heritage preservation of the Tempelhof and against a building. If an opening of the open space, so this can be done only in one way, that preserved the Status Quo with all existing technology and the protection of the ecological system. There is also no acceptance of any building in the population. The intended amendment of the land use plan was rejected by the district with an overwhelming majority. Indeed known Ms. (Source: Shimmie Horn). Junge-Reyer and the Senate Administration, that the Alliance has submitted a successfully concluded come a new referendum, which the authentic Receipt of the airport system is aiming at UNESCO of World Heritage status to vote. The Berlin Senate had basically approved the referendum “for the world heritage Temple of Justice and greater transparency in the policy” in may, deleted but several passages crucial for the initiators of the referendum, the Action Alliance The Action Alliance: “it belongs to the basic rules of the democratic game, to create no contrary facts during the ongoing process here.” The submitted a new petition for referendum is now the Berlin House of representatives to vote.

At the same time filed lawsuit against the deletion of the parts of the referendum declared by the Senate to be inadmissible by the Action Alliance at the Berlin court: “we assume that the deletion of parts declared inadmissible not withstand judicial scrutiny. Also, any potential investor or user should know that it moves in Tempelhof with any commitment on very shaky ground. The Action Alliance explicitly offered a constructive dialogue the Senate given the muddled situation. The initiators: “we see us after the successful referendum as those, who really have a democratic mandate in this matter. Berlin, August 31, 2009 about us: Action Alliance makers of “people’s desire for the world heritage site of Tempelhof and more transparency in politics” and of the citizen’s initiative “the monument airport Tempelhof receive – as world cultural heritage” information, “”, “” and “” Action Alliance – cross-party Alliance for the rescue of the Tempelhof the symbol of freedom to include initiatives Pro Temple Court the initiators, Tempelhof to be world heritage and the initiative ex-SPD-voters for the Tempelhof airport! The debate to the Tempelhof airport has led the Alliance to constitute the reasons for the maintenance of temples of Justice at the factual level. The non-partisan advocacy Alliance would also make it clear that the closure of the airport is a policy matter, the effects of which concern all Berliners in East and West

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