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Also, are intended to raise the teachers, principals, state officials and educators with the social role of the pathologist in the distinction, prevention and remediation of harmful pathogens such as general and specific social, economic social, cultural, political and educational, to which our children face, individuals, students, in an era of globalization, especially in a country where traditional social patterns and old quickly transformed into new relations arising from current conditions totally. The social pathology is dedicated to the study of social problems and pathogens generated in human society, and explain the reasons and motives for such behavior from different viewpoints: biological, psychological, sociological, economic, historical and political science, and media strategy to prevent and cure those problems. PURPOSE Our daily life is filled with reports and news of the tragedies and crimes: crisis economic, drug trafficking and traffickers in women, poverty, inequality, unemployment, racial conflict, abductions, rape, alcoholism, drug addiction, delinquency, aggression is usually scares people why these problems arise, but the problems continue to generate and exacerbating existing ones. Was it not a great idea to investigate and search for causes and reasons for the conditions mentioned social, cultural, economic, political and educational particularly affecting not only our communities today, but also prevention and cure for the future of new generations that will improve your quality of life? The urgency of this idea is related to the tragedy of the crimes is increasing alarmingly and causing irreversible damage. In this regard, the social pathologist is the only one who can solve real and true to the horrible social conditions that are smothering us.

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