The Path

As is well known, no one can love another unless you love yourself first. We are very difficult to accept because we have inside those alleged defects that make it impossible to love us as we are. We demand to be perfect and if not we can not feel good. But what we should be told who to be perfect? Do you know someone perfect? There are some simple steps on the path of respect and acceptance of oneself: Let's stop criticizing: Most we have a habit of criticism so ingrained that not easy to get rid of him. Most of the time we are not even aware of being criticized or criticized. Baby we accepted life as it was. Growing incorporate voices outside our belief system and begin to accept and consider them as their own. Learned and to criticize.

It may make us believe that to be a good person, responsible and efficient it was necessary for us criticasemos ourselves. This is quite uncertain: the criticism merely impose the belief that we are useless, leaving bring out the good in us. A person who criticizes is often severely criticized. What we receive it back. Usually what we criticize in others is precisely what we dislike about ourselves. When critics reject aspects of ourselves and we punish ourselves for not being perfect: overeating, sick, smoking, drinking heavily, eating foods that do not benefit us, etc. But we want to be Who perfect? Do we want to meet the demands and expectations of anyone in our childhood? Decide to leave behind that! Se just find that you are a wonderful person as you are today.

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