The Region

As a result, the student has little opportunity to make a real experience of scientific and often stops in the area of science or knowledge of the past simply to repeat that some professors have immortalized. This is also one of the reasons why many students are frustrated and are strongly motivated by problems outside the university, and devote much of their time and energies to their studies, but other activities, wasted talent. It's time to make changes that give way to real and effective evaluation of programs offered by some universities and educational institutions that do not specify the needs and requirements necessary to the problems of time for solutions, not make explicit the objectives to be achieved, or describe the ideal profile of the graduates is needed. No denote congruence between the academic structure and solve problems. Is necessary to evaluate the research to be developed and educational plans to be implemented, its consistency and interaction for example in curricula, in their priority, as well as the degree of flexibility provided. It should be a careful examination of the relationship between the university through its schools and society and how may contribute to the development of the region of the country.

Demagogic approaches should be avoided and merely sentimental. Do not allow the university many times over infiltration leads to social revolution, instability, street agitation, protests, violence, loss of time, where it jeopardizes the very existence of the university .. The authorities should be more vigilant of the uncertainty in this is given in universities, where he has helped to discredit the university to the public. The university should influence the social, cultural as their own means, which are the means of knowledge, Venezuela is currently facing a turbulent scenario, where the involvement of universities must be more proactive discussions, proposals, which their teachers to be more proactive. Should be considered, that impatience to find solutions should not lead to choose the easy path of protest verbal and empty rhetoric. 03/18/2009

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